Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need a real estate agent?

Grateful Mindset Properties

What areas do we serve?

We serve all of; North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. As a professional courtesy, we have access to detailed information on property, vendors, agents, or firms around the world! 

What services do we offer?

Grateful Mindset Properties can help you buy, sell, or rent any residential or commercial property.  We also can act as both property and project managers.  Outside of traditional real estate offerings, Grateful Mindset Properties facilitates Pre-Inspection Listing Appointments and Pre-Purchase Inspection Appointments with one of our Special Agents and a Licenced General Contractor! We also conduct yearly and semi-annual property evaluations.  

What resources do we provide?

Grateful Mindset Properties Serves Western North Carolina and beyond with a Grateful Mindset.

Meaning we offer tangible and nontangible resources. We are known for our research skills, and our staff is highly educated not only in Real Estate but also have degrees in marketing, construction, culture, and working with the public. 

Some of our tangible resources are our step-by-step listing guide, our buying process for buying land, and homes, and project management of building or remodeling. Plus commercial sales, property management, and the ability to multi-task with superior skill. We have a huge vetted vendor list where we have personally worked with each person and are confident in their expertise. 

Why choose Grateful Mindset Properties?

Not only does Grateful Mindset Properties provide specialized comprehensive services, but we are committed to providing each our clients with clear communication, a customized approach, excellent customer service, and a consumer advocacy perspective.

Buying a Property

What if I am a first-time home buyer?

Buying a home for the first time can be an exciting and fraught time as buyers confront an unfamiliar real estate world.  However, working with a license real estate agent is the number one way to help navigate first time home buying! it is their job to make sure you find the home that best suits your needs, as well as to walk you through each step of the home buying process.

Does real estate include land or farms?

Yes! Real estate includes residential and commercial land and/or buildings. 

How do I start working with a Grateful Mindset Properties real estate agent?

Contact us today at gratefulmindsetwnc@gmail.com or by phone 828-290-0940.

Selling a Property

How do I list a property for sale with Grateful Mindset Properties?

Contact us today at gratefulmindsetwnc@gmail.com, 828-290-0940, or fill out our listing intake form here.

Is there a way to list my home and find a new one?

Yes, this is why you hire us, to know your rights, what forms are needed, and more!

When should I sell my home?

There are many potential reasons to sell your home, and making that choice can be very personal.  However, some things to consider are

How long will it take to sell my property?

Many factors influence the speed at which a home will sell, such as low vs. high inventory, market demand, home values, time of year, as well as property type and condition.  Our licensed real estate agents use a specific step-by-step seller's process of when is the best time to sell, how to avoid leaving money on the table and what do I need to do to get my property ready for sale? We also have a well-designed, comparative market analysis to help you sell your property when you want, for a competitive market value.