Supporting Our Community

Assisting Local Charities, Businesses, and People

Uplifting Western North Carolina & Beyond

Grateful Mindset Properties is committed to serving Western North Carolina not only as a local business focused on helping our clients, but also as a member of this community.  Our realtors are held to a high standard and serve on community boards, volunteer in the region, and are dedicated to equal housing opportunities.

Hope & Humanity Housing

      A community volunteer advocacy program

Do you have a rental horror story? Did you ever rent property to someone, and now you are scared to do it again? However, it is important to note that economic status has nothing to do with how someone will treat property.

Families here in Western North Carolina and throughout the world are unable to find affordable housing, especially those with the least support. Some people have a Housing Choice Voucher that assists with or entirely covers their housing expenses, and yet they are unable to find housing before their vouchers expire. For many, this issue can be caused by landlords unwilling to accept these families.

As such our broker-in-Charge, Judi Moolten, started a volunteer program called Hope & Humanity Housing to support affordable housing efforts, as well as vet tenants for landlords! These respective tenants, are employed, have the resources to pay rent and utilities, and yet they are unable to find affordable housing. All have one thing in common, no safety net, and no family to house them.

Reach out to us at 828-290-0940, or,  if you would like to help, volunteer, and/or learn more about the available programs here in the Asheville metro area! 

Bridging families. Homes for Youth (H4Y) helps full-time foster parents care for foster kids and stay connected with their biological families with a focus on reunification. We not only support H4Y finding homes for families, but we also are members of their board. 

Aura Home for Women Vets is committed to making sure women veterans have a home here in Henderson County. Our firm also has members on their board, supporting the property building needs of the home for women vets. 

Art has never been more memorable. Check out the gallery, peruse the artist's studios, or take a class. Some of our agents teach at the Art League, are members, and are even on their boards!

Judi Moolten, our Broker-In-Charge, is on the board of the Welcome Club of Henderson County. She also volunteers as their Activities Coordinator, where she coordinates manages activities for their members, and assists with creating new ideas for member participation. In addition, she is a charity liaison for the Welcome Club and other nonprofits in the area. 

Lolo=Locals Helping Locals. Our firm sponsors monthly gifts for our clients that allow them to support local businesses in their home communities.  The gifts are free from us and go directly to the local businesses so long as they are used.  So please if we sent you a LoLo gift use it or forward it to someone who will. And remember, locals helping locals!

Supporting Local Guests, Local News, and Local Culture. The Grateful Mindset Properties Realty Radio show is live every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. on 107.7 FM with a focus on weekly local guests, human interest stories, and a bit of real estate news. You can check out our previous shows on YouTube, Spotify, Google podcasts, iHeart radio, and more.